Friday, 26 October 2012


One problem i am having is getting shoes and trainers, even my ugg boots are difficult with my toes curling, also struggle with them being freezing pritty much all time, so if anyone has any ideas or solutions please let me know.
Tomorrow its off to NEC in Birmingham for Top Gear live, all arranged by my fab cousons, should be good and hopefully meet the 3 nutters, either way i will have plenty photos for the memory wall.

Life in my own home is great and the bungalow is looking great too, i have to take my hat off  to St Helens council for how ive been treated through horror movie of the last 12 month, its not been plain sailing and i did wonder were i would end early on when i first went my parents from the black widdow, but now i look back and think its well worth waiting for, Thank you St Helens council and all involved.

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