Saturday, 22 December 2012

Pre Christmas update

Where do i start, my stay in hospital lasted 3 days and felt like a week! on the flip side it was all positive news, they confirmed my oxegen levels were great and as good as anyones ;-) and only come home with this airbag cough assist thing. I came home after tea last thursday in time for my wish off HoneyRose foundation to go Anfield with my dad.

 Well id love to know what ive done in this life to deserve the shit i have to deal with every day! Dont dare say any bull shit about god, if there was someone they would not make me go through this!
Wheelchair is goosed, now stuck in same position till it gets fixed tomorrow. Could have been ok if i had got the new in november as promised, which i think is shocking, maybe it sounds a bit childish to complain about it being a bit longer than i was first told but when sat in a wheelchair every waking hour (bare in mind this one is too big and  very uncomfortable) its a bloody big deal. This one got fixed on the sunday afternoon after a lot of complaining because again its not that important to them. 
Ive goto say St Helens wheelchair services are terrable and the worst service i have delt with, the first chair took over 6 months to arrive! All being well my new should be here on January 4th, as u can imagine im not holding my breath. I bet if i had ten grand cash it would have been ere within a week!!
I will say thankyou to the lady answering our calls and taking the brunt of it all when its not her fault, anyhow she has been so helpfull and if it wasnt for her badgering i dont think it would be here for months.

Wristbands are still selling very well, £300 has already been handed over and i have a further £350 to go in to MNDA, also the care agency that are based here leonard cheshire disability, organised a christmas party with a raffle for me to add to the wristband funds, a another £250 goes into the pot which is fantastic, thankyou all who donated prizes, helped to organised and all that came.
See photo of reciept recieved for the first £300.

Had one of them dreams other night that felt very real, all i remember was sitting down at a desk and signing my divorce papers and realising not only can i hold a pen i could write aswel! wow what a present, getting rid of the SLAG and getting use back to my limbs, unfortunatley carsberg dont do dreams but if they did they would probably be the best dreams in the world!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Back Home

Glad to be back in my fab bungalow, not that the stay in hosi was that bad but it was bloody boring! On a positive note my oxegen levels are as good as anyones so no need for the vent ;-) and they gave me a contraption to help cough. I think having my own carers staying made a big difference but my dad was run raggid picking carers up and dropping off.
While im on the subject of carers, i have a great bunch who we all get on with really well, the only bad part was losing my key worker who was great with me, the good thing is ive gained a friend. My new key worker and co key worker are doing great. 
I feel i need explain a few things about talking, the effort involved is immence and takes a great deal energy so the more i have to repeat the harder it gets, then i get upset and struggle even more which then looks like im getting angry, im not! if i am angry its with myself and the awful feeling of not being understood. I am now at the point of not wanting to talk, its not worth the distress it causes.

Great news is i go Anfield tomorrow to watch the mighty reds with my dad and Danny ;-) hopefully get a win! also sent a letter with some wristbands to try get a picture of a player with one on, you never know.