Thursday, 17 January 2013

Oh yea

Talking of being fleeced, i feel very let down by rsl steeper, once you have spent your life savings on an eyegaze you just have to get on with it. I sent an email over two weeks ago and still had no reply, its disheartening to be honest. Not to blow my own trumpet but i am pretty good with computers and what i asked for is not a major operation, mainly add more memory. I don't think the support is good at all, people that have these devices rely so much on them, me included, its all i have that makes me feel normal, people would have no idea when chatting online. Anyway i took matters into my own hands! A high spec PC that i remote operate to do all time consuming jobs and then keep this free to do my tinternetting.

So much for not having much to say lol


Not a great deal to say really. I know the sudden urgency on ITS part to get a divorce is down to needing sell or rent the house with the what i would class as the stolen 6 grand of fund raising money in it, not to mention the stolen 4 grand loaned off a family member and the stolen items of mine and Hollies, oh and the ticket money of my sister that has never been returned, ITS family and company  must be so proud! And before the police come again, these are FACTS! and also not defamation of character.

Its been a bit of a bummer that some wristbands are losing the writing, we did complain but it fell on deaf ears so i apologise if this has happened to yours.
My wish to watch my team (Liverpool in case you didn't know) with my dad has been re arranged for this Saturday, yes i know the mancs beat  us but were a young team and it will come, mancs are getting old! ;-)

Friday, 11 January 2013

A note

To whoever is leaving rather sad comments, your obviously very tough hiding behind a pc leaving comments! if have something to say come say it to my face, probably related to the devil woman and her all mouth crew lol.
Anyway enough about dog shit, ive got better things do.

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Not many people will understand and i dont expect them to but its not as simple as you may think to do even the simplist of tasks are tough when you have no fingers that work. Its such a massive part of my  life now because its the only way to have a tiny bit of a normal life and also the only thing left thats private. Its my phone, but its a bit dodgey with the signal in here and sometimes wont work. I know i need to use it more for talking but its admitting defeat and im a stubburn arse at the best of times. I can see clearly when someone doesnt understand what ive said, i would rather people say they didnt understand than pretend they did and i will type it out.
I dont think i will ever get used to not being able to talk or eat, it really does get to me, everywhere you look theirs food shoved in your face, i can have bits like soup which is better than nothing but i could murder a steak n chips from a pub, washed down with a few pints! not gonna happen! Its a good job life expectancy is short, as ive said this isnt living.

Monday, 7 January 2013


The difference with this new chair is massive, so much more comfortable and great around the bungalow, hopefully not take any more chunks out of the wall or door frames. Added a little note to it
Thought it was quite funny.
Also another thing i got for Christmas that i love is my wall plaque
Its fab, i love it.
I have ordered a number plate too which should come tomorrow.

I'm hoping get my camera set up soon so i can do a little video. Those that know me will be aware of how much i love computers and love tweaking, well i am finally getting this eyegaze close to how i want it ;-) which has took some messing! i now have windows 8 running pretty well, a 3TB hard drive connected via usb and also another  3TB Network hard drive too ;-) a man can never have too much hard drive space. All i need is to find out if i can get my usb ports upgraded and the memory, i will be happy then, i think.

Friday, 4 January 2013

A New year, same shit.

Christmas day  was great day considering the food issue, it was extreamly tough and it did get the better of me at one point but soon got over it and just kept thinking, at least im with people who care. 
Unfortunately its been quite shit since, ive been in quite a lot of pain and in turn it affected my sleep. I dont want to go into detail but i think its sorted now.
Learnt quite a lot this last week or so about people, life and what i should do in the future, one thing that i will be doing is keeping out of everything that adds stress and the first thing is i have removed facebook, im sick of seeing woe is me feeble moans, i know we all have moans and may well mean a lot but im just sick of seeing them, plus seeing what im missing out on. 
The only thing look forward to was the wheelchair which did arrive today, not red, no arm supports and  i dont have full control, pretty much new somert wouldnt be right. Anyway its still miles better than other one.
To bring me back down to my dog shit existance i get a call from trial clinic telling me stop taking Dexi because it does nowt! the trials been stopped, i know we all say from time to time we have no luck but fuck me i must be up there with the unluckiest. One positive is its less time living in hell!

Whats next????