Thursday, 17 January 2013


Not a great deal to say really. I know the sudden urgency on ITS part to get a divorce is down to needing sell or rent the house with the what i would class as the stolen 6 grand of fund raising money in it, not to mention the stolen 4 grand loaned off a family member and the stolen items of mine and Hollies, oh and the ticket money of my sister that has never been returned, ITS family and company  must be so proud! And before the police come again, these are FACTS! and also not defamation of character.

Its been a bit of a bummer that some wristbands are losing the writing, we did complain but it fell on deaf ears so i apologise if this has happened to yours.
My wish to watch my team (Liverpool in case you didn't know) with my dad has been re arranged for this Saturday, yes i know the mancs beat  us but were a young team and it will come, mancs are getting old! ;-)

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