Monday, 18 February 2013

So whats been happening

Well this may piss the wife off but I'm still alive after a shocking few week. First off i spent a week in hospice trying to manage the pain in my hands but i had a rather nasty reaction to ketamine hariperidol (prob spelt wrong) my jaw locked on my tongue twice! it felt like i was biting through it, its now happened a few times and my tongue feels battered so i gave up and come home. I do have to say the hospice is a fantastic place and the staff are amazing. 
I came home on Sunday but didn't feel rite all week. On Friday night an ambulance was called.i was taken to whiston and quickly found out i had pneumonia. I am finally home after the most traumatic and frighting time of my life, i really thought that was it, the minute i heard pneumonia my heart sunk and i thought if i went sleep i wouldn't wake up. My mum, dad and Rachael never left my side, thanks everyone for heir messages and those who took the time to vist, i really appreciate it, also a massive thank you to Jess Bailey for helping Racheal with the kids allowing her to stay with me, between my mum ,dad, our Lisa, Rachael, aunty Pam, Danny and bris i the best people i could possibly ask for, even our Danny offered to drive up from down south to help Rachael with her kids, so proud and lucky to have these people around me.Hopefully stay out of hosi for a while now.
Now i can get back to devorcing the evil one who continues to ignore everything and still will not return items of mine and Hollies, its difficult to explain to a nine year old why she cant have her things, at least were all set for going to court now  and her and her evil new bf can carry on with their sad lives! oh and the evil parents who witnessed what she did. At least i know who to haunt when i die.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Currently in Willowbrook Hospice to try control the pain, now were not talking of pain that is like a head ache or a sharp pain, its my hands mainly, the only way i can explain it is like a tingling or pins and needles but 10 times more annoying. This has been going on for months, i cant bare my fingers or my hands touching anything, your probably thinking soft arse but believe me its not nice, for me to come here says how bad its got, plus the hip pain that has started recently. I would love someone to experience what its like for a day. Yes i know, stop moaning lol!
On the flip side the Hospice is a fantastic place and all the staff are very nice. I do feel comfortable here compared to Aintree Hospital which does make a big difference to being away from The Kop (my bungalow).
I have decided my next lot of money i raise is coming here so come on buy a wristband. I will have a think of my next fund raising idea.