Thursday, 7 February 2013


Currently in Willowbrook Hospice to try control the pain, now were not talking of pain that is like a head ache or a sharp pain, its my hands mainly, the only way i can explain it is like a tingling or pins and needles but 10 times more annoying. This has been going on for months, i cant bare my fingers or my hands touching anything, your probably thinking soft arse but believe me its not nice, for me to come here says how bad its got, plus the hip pain that has started recently. I would love someone to experience what its like for a day. Yes i know, stop moaning lol!
On the flip side the Hospice is a fantastic place and all the staff are very nice. I do feel comfortable here compared to Aintree Hospital which does make a big difference to being away from The Kop (my bungalow).
I have decided my next lot of money i raise is coming here so come on buy a wristband. I will have a think of my next fund raising idea.


sloan milar said...

Hello chris, its Sloan. Never know what to say apart from hello. I hope writing something is better than nothing. I think of you often, sometimes when Im fishing which is often at all.
Took my son last year and spent the whole time telling him to stay away from the edge, of course the only time he gos near the edge he bloody falls in! Hope this makes you smile.

Stewart said...

hi Chris..
thanks for writing your me some idea of what it must feel like for you.
Our concert at Lymm raised £320 for MND, inspired by your auntie, Pam Tyler telling me about your experience.
thinking about you.
Stewart Lever

Anonymous said...

Willowbrook is an amazing place any remaining money from Heathers Parliament Work Experience is going to Willowbrook.

I hope they make you comfortable and you are home soon.

The Bell Households thoughts are with you.


jasmine said...

hi i also suffer with MND, so i know , nobody else can. Frustration . But plz dont 4get 2 smile/laugh it helps. I send u magic cream 2 rub & make u lol all the way from south africa . Rub & giggle & 4get pain. its from our laugh therapist. 1 2 3 its urs