Monday, 7 January 2013


The difference with this new chair is massive, so much more comfortable and great around the bungalow, hopefully not take any more chunks out of the wall or door frames. Added a little note to it
Thought it was quite funny.
Also another thing i got for Christmas that i love is my wall plaque
Its fab, i love it.
I have ordered a number plate too which should come tomorrow.

I'm hoping get my camera set up soon so i can do a little video. Those that know me will be aware of how much i love computers and love tweaking, well i am finally getting this eyegaze close to how i want it ;-) which has took some messing! i now have windows 8 running pretty well, a 3TB hard drive connected via usb and also another  3TB Network hard drive too ;-) a man can never have too much hard drive space. All i need is to find out if i can get my usb ports upgraded and the memory, i will be happy then, i think.

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shaz orgy's said...

The little note Lmao ...Awesome dude I could do woth one for my car hehe. ...things are sounding good atm im happy to hear and there gadgets I can never get me head round em takes me all me time work a touch phone gonna pop to yours in morning so make sure ya get them lazy support workers of yours to make me a coffee this time