Friday, 4 January 2013

A New year, same shit.

Christmas day  was great day considering the food issue, it was extreamly tough and it did get the better of me at one point but soon got over it and just kept thinking, at least im with people who care. 
Unfortunately its been quite shit since, ive been in quite a lot of pain and in turn it affected my sleep. I dont want to go into detail but i think its sorted now.
Learnt quite a lot this last week or so about people, life and what i should do in the future, one thing that i will be doing is keeping out of everything that adds stress and the first thing is i have removed facebook, im sick of seeing woe is me feeble moans, i know we all have moans and may well mean a lot but im just sick of seeing them, plus seeing what im missing out on. 
The only thing look forward to was the wheelchair which did arrive today, not red, no arm supports and  i dont have full control, pretty much new somert wouldnt be right. Anyway its still miles better than other one.
To bring me back down to my dog shit existance i get a call from trial clinic telling me stop taking Dexi because it does nowt! the trials been stopped, i know we all say from time to time we have no luck but fuck me i must be up there with the unluckiest. One positive is its less time living in hell!

Whats next????


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