Thursday, 10 January 2013


Not many people will understand and i dont expect them to but its not as simple as you may think to do even the simplist of tasks are tough when you have no fingers that work. Its such a massive part of my  life now because its the only way to have a tiny bit of a normal life and also the only thing left thats private. Its my phone, but its a bit dodgey with the signal in here and sometimes wont work. I know i need to use it more for talking but its admitting defeat and im a stubburn arse at the best of times. I can see clearly when someone doesnt understand what ive said, i would rather people say they didnt understand than pretend they did and i will type it out.
I dont think i will ever get used to not being able to talk or eat, it really does get to me, everywhere you look theirs food shoved in your face, i can have bits like soup which is better than nothing but i could murder a steak n chips from a pub, washed down with a few pints! not gonna happen! Its a good job life expectancy is short, as ive said this isnt living.

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shaz orgy's said...

Alrite dude hope it wasnt me calling to see you that has made u feel this way ...didnt mean to ask so many questions sorry ...anyway be prepared next week ya can type out the answers for me ya stubborn arse shite ya lol...,,,, miss ya lots crabbyarse lol xx