Friday, 14 December 2012

Back Home

Glad to be back in my fab bungalow, not that the stay in hosi was that bad but it was bloody boring! On a positive note my oxegen levels are as good as anyones so no need for the vent ;-) and they gave me a contraption to help cough. I think having my own carers staying made a big difference but my dad was run raggid picking carers up and dropping off.
While im on the subject of carers, i have a great bunch who we all get on with really well, the only bad part was losing my key worker who was great with me, the good thing is ive gained a friend. My new key worker and co key worker are doing great. 
I feel i need explain a few things about talking, the effort involved is immence and takes a great deal energy so the more i have to repeat the harder it gets, then i get upset and struggle even more which then looks like im getting angry, im not! if i am angry its with myself and the awful feeling of not being understood. I am now at the point of not wanting to talk, its not worth the distress it causes.

Great news is i go Anfield tomorrow to watch the mighty reds with my dad and Danny ;-) hopefully get a win! also sent a letter with some wristbands to try get a picture of a player with one on, you never know.

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Sharon Orgeys said...

You bugger.. youve just had me in tears ....i loved every minute whilst being your key worker we've had good and bad times but we've had some cracking laughs too :D liking being your freind more coz i get to have the nice coffee lol ...sorry i couldnt stay longer today i see ya next week crabby arse xx