Friday, 30 November 2012

Early Christmas present

Been clinic this morning and it looks like a 3 or 4 day stay in hospital is on the cards, not that keen on the idea but if it makes this death sentence slightly more bearable then its got be worth a try. 
Gonna try have a film night tonight to take my mind off things, also Hollie is coming and putting my tree up and no doubt tell me get my movember tash shaved off.


adie said...

Hey Chris... sorry you not feeling too good. How come you need to go in for a bit. This is such a shit disease... we are all feeling it's devastating effect :-(

What film you watching?

Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs.

Love Kiran and adie

Anonymous said...

hi chris my hubby robert has just come out of hospice after bad reaction to a pain patch.he was spoilt rotten by the nurses.since only march he has lost use of arms core muscles going neck muscle going spine deformed now also has bone cancer so our life is pretty crap too.he has a nippy machine and it has made a real start with he could only manage half hour but a few weeks in he wears it all night so he actually gets a good sleep and doesnt wake up with headaches and he uses it every couple hours during day.his diaghram muscles are very weak and this takes away the elephant sitting on his chest feeling.we both know time isnt on our side so with our 3 kids try and make every day special.still using commode in dining room and no shower downstairs .kicked up again and council coming out again!just want you to know how much we understand what hell you are going through because so are we but you have a wonderful daughter who you are obviously very proud of so when you feel low just think of her.sending you lots of love caroline and family xxx

Janet said...

I hope your stay in hospital helps in improving things for you Chris -think of you often hugs Jan x