Monday, 1 October 2012

Its all go

A new lease of life now with this eye gaze, its amazing! just being able to read and send my own txt messages, sad but makes such a differene. with each hour i learn more and get quicker, i am pretty quick at picking things up so mastering this should be fun. ineed to find a way to get a better voice, like keith lemon voice lol.
At the moment im very happy and learnt a lot about people, how fantastic some can be and how cruel, heartless and down right nasty some are, yes u know who u are! feel free to send police here, id love nothing more than letting the public know the story.
Moving on, their is only a few days to the big party, cant wait to se everyones costume, seems like quite a few are coming. Again my superb family are getting everything ready.

Changing subject, my progression seems to be slowing a bit which helps, maybe being happiest ive been in years makes a difference, no moaning and no stress, bliss. Had a new hoist put in today, hopefully get my new chair soon, so much going on at the minute it feels great, better a holiday booked with my partners in crime lol, where to go is the problem!

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Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

It's all happening Chris, new home, eye gaze and of course your upcoming party:) I really don't know what been happening but it's an extrememly sad situation. So true that there are mean and not so nice people, I also think "you reap what you sow", Karma. It may make certain people take notice of what and why they are doing this. It doesn't cost anything to be nice:) Hope you have a wonderful evening. Linda xxx