Monday, 15 October 2012

So whats new

Every week is full of ups n downs, and its no different this week, news of a fellow batter who i had the  pleasure of meeting passed away rocked me to the core, i still cant believe it, my thoughts are with you all x.
This and other battlers i chatted to early days, have been there offering support for me all through while having their own shit to deal with, this has made me realise i could have done more to support them! Thank you.
One thing that was fun was my fancy dress party, everyone really made an effor and looked great , ive got plenty pics to upload, i will be putting them on website.
Tomorrow i will get the real dex trial drug ,which should be interesting, also a visit to the niv clinic in the afternoon.
Family and friends continue to amaze me,even while i am being a misrable get! to be honest i know i am. Its very difficult to put into words whats been going through my mind, a lot of it is the near future and what lies ahead, how long left, will it stop, all constantly popping in to annoy me so much so that i feel time is really ticking.

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