Thursday, 28 March 2013

Eye gaze

Gaze selection crashed once last night and again this morning, just comes up gaze selection has stopped working and needs to close. I feel so let down by this c15, if i knew then what i know now i would never have got it. My mum spent her pension that she worked 28 years on something that is meant to give so much independence when in reality its just an over priced talking device but only in the day time. Maybe i do want too much from it but for the money it should be far more powerful than it is.
Pretty early on i realised it was very limited with hard drive space, memory and processor, i find this shit considering i can buy a notebook with more power so the size cant be an issue. I feel we was not advised of this in the beginning of any of this, we were lead to believe its all singing all dancing machine. The problem with gaze crashing is down to processor and RAM, i am unable to use the majority of programs i want to use, my website needs moving to my new domain ( but again i get so far and something goes wrong.
I suppose its my fault for expecting to be able to do things on here any normal person can do, obviously i was wrong. I now will only be doing the bare minimum on this thing due to the frustration it causes me, it really gets me down. 

On a brighter note my divorce has been granted ;-)
The funny part part was the devil woman turned up at the court with the sad get she committed adultery with and for some reason couldn't look my dad in the eye! wonder why? also stopped my dad from being aloud to speak, i wonder why? her mum and dad must be so proud.

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Anonymous said...

what goes around Chris, she will get what's coming. Good news on the divorce.