Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Re ex aunty

In reply to comments that have since been removed. The first one was nice to see and I thought more than just ITS sister and brother inlaw had a Heart, here is the comments. 

"Chris, I am still thinking of you all the time and I am so glad I got to meet you, you are so strong xx Auntie June and Cliff"

you are one of the only other members of the family that ever messaged me early on. Then hours later you back tracked in the following comment, obviously IT, the puppet master has rung puppet number one (dad) to ring you 

"It's us such a shame that you think Of Pauline this way and I know that she loves you and was and would still be there for you, if your family would have left you to be together and not been so over powering ! And Dennis and Pauline think the world of you and you have written done very unkind words on this blog, I understand how very sick you are but please don't be bitter and take it out on everyone"

now let me clarify a few things. 
The puppet master asked for help and i didn't want my mum doing my personal so the puppet master suggested her mum and sister, i did do even though i didn't want, my previous blogs will back the concerns i had. 
The puppet master still wanted more help so my mum offered to do all our washing, great IT said, that would really help. 
The puppet master asked for more help doing our bedroom off my dad he did. 
No complaints when my mum was giving us £50 £100 here and there to help us out because money was tight. 
The puppet master was happy when all the house was cleaned to help out. 
The puppet master was happy for my mum to sit in while she went trafford center to "chill out"
The puppet master still wasnt happy so I slept her mums once a week so she could go out. 
The puppet master still wasnt happy so i got crossroads care agency in two night's a week so she could again go trafford center or a "friend's"
The puppet master was still not happy and had many moans about why I wouldn't let my mum do any care so it was all in motion for care agency to get me up and dressed in a morning because she struggled with time, this was five days a week. 
Now were was the part where she wanted to do it together? where was my mum taking over? 

Now the ridiculous part about loving me! 
Does her adultry accomplice know she still loves me?  
Did she love me when she left me in bed on my own in tears supposedly going to asda? 
Did she love when i worried and she didn't want to know? 
She me loved that she moaned about doing things for me. 
She loved me so much she wouldn't tell me she was with someone else. 
She loved me so much she just wanted be friends. 
She loved me so much two week's after i left her next door neighbours son was telling his friend, my cousin, how im doing alright going off the sex noise's coming from the bedroom! Not wasting any time. 
She loved me that much she would not and still not give me my things back. 
Her tough dad tries making threat's on the phone because my dad asked IT for my things. 
She loved me so much she turns up at divorce court with her lover, neither would look my dad in the eye, wonder why! 
ITS mum and dad sat with me night after night telling me what she is doing is wrong! 
Since leaving ive heard how she really treated her ex, way different from what she told me. 

I could sit here all day but ive wasted enough time with selfish, heartless, horrible people and im sure a place in hell is reserved.  I stand by every word, may god strike me down dead right now, if this is lies take me to court, i will swear on oath, will you lie? 
However much you try you can't polish a turd! My family didn't make jump on his cock! the truth is she is a lazy money grabber and once I couldn't earn money and clean up I was no good. 

Its funny how you back tracked again once you had seen my mums comment. 
"I apologies for upsetting anyone and this was really not intended, I promise I will not read or comment again, take care and look after each other. My thought are with you"

So June your a good person but you live the other end of the country and know nothing, I urge all of you, don't like it don't read it, im done with you.

As the song goes "when you walk through a storm hold your head up high"
Well we have and we are so jog on! 


uncle Phil said...

you will never walk alone

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark

At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk

You'll never walk
You'll never walk alone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris just wanted to say that anyone that is lucky enough to know you and your family will know what good people you are! they will especially know that ur mum and dad are far from interfering people and just want the best for everyone! if the EX was any sort of human being or had any maternal bone in her body she would understand nothin compares to the love a parent has for their child and wouldnt of seen it as interfering!!!! (i could have a further rant about her but i won't) I am so sorry for everythin u went through with HER and for what your goin through with ur illness! Yes u and ur family have every reason to be "bitter" but ur FAR from that!!!!!!! i think it is amazing that ur still all thinkin of others and raising money for charity! Our Hollie is a very lucky girl and has every reason to be proud of her daddy and i will constantly remind her of that!! thinkin of u always steph x x

julie from school said...

well chris you may not see this comment but my god KARMA is a bitch one day it WILL come round and bite the BITCH on her arse my gosh you thinking and looking down at ppl pauline and really we should look down at you but some people will some people wont but rest a sure chris it will bite her arse R.I.P sorry to hear that you was so ill shame we never ment that one more time as the the last time we saw you was at school :( xx

karen dish said...

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