Wednesday, 14 November 2012

So Pleased

The response to the wristbands has been fantastic, so much that i had to order more. The big challenge is to get a celebrity to ware one ;-) 

For those asking how to get one, here is what to do. 

Email me at and let me know how many you want, how you want to pay, paypal, cheque, postal order or cash in hand. Please don't send cash in the post.

Onto how things are with my condition, basically i am falling to bits, people being able to understand me is hard work and takes so much effort to talk and i get so frustrated, its one of the toughest things so far. I no longer eat much because of choking so i am drip fed all through the day. 
I have struggled quite a lot lately with all that's been going on, oh and still having trouble with that horrid woman, still waiting for personal items from her, apparently asking for them or going round there is harassment! Even an advocate i got involved had no joy, why keep them? All the money raised has gone into ITS property, all that hard work put in by MY family and friends was a waste of time.
I am probably going to told this is harassment again lol, but i don't give a shit, makes me laugh how low low people will go to justify their actions, even though what they do and have done is shocking and should be ashamed

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