Thursday, 29 November 2012

Still feel like shit. Went cheshire oaks yesterday to get out but found it very hard going, obviously local councils dont take wheelchair users into their plans when re doing paths, its same here in town center, block pathing, flags and cobbles all randomly placed! my head was like a pea on a spoon and ended up very sore. Then there ignorant tossers that are oblivious to the fact your there, even try squeeze past in a doorway rather than wait a second!
A bit great news is i go watch Liverpool thanks a fantastic lady at The Honey Rose Foundation called Lynn, thank you x

Oh my divorce is still ongoing, all of a sudden the evil one seems be in a rush but i still continue to be ignored about my belonging's and also receiving idle threats over harassment, just because i want my things. I don't how they can live with the way they have treated me and my family over all this, maybe a bit different in a court room, id like to see them lie under oath. 

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Lynn Duffy said...

Hi Chris, Lynn here, it's an absolute pleasure to be able to do something for someone like you. Love from Lynn and all at The HoneyRose Foundation x