Thursday, 14 March 2013

Just another day in hell

First off thanks for the recent messages, i will reply as soon as i can.
I seem to be losing interest in anything, the days just keep rolling on with nothing changing, same things every day, once the warmer weather comes i can get out more which will help. 
For some reason i seem be sleeping more, its not like me to sleep so much. Also ive recently been having panic attacks for no reason, these are quite frightening. Personally i think my body is starting to give up the fight, im getting no rest from this tosser, its relentless! 


uncle Phil said...

Keep fighting Chris you are stronger than any of us.
The warm weather will be hear soon and you can enjoy yours days out with Hollie and the wife (Rachael). God bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, it's Shane. Today was grandads funeral and I've been speaking with your mum and dad. They told me about the great work you did in designing the wrist band. I've advertised your website on my personal and business Facebook pages to get people buying those wrist bands! And I'll make a big donation too. I still can't quite believe your going through this, it must be hell for ya and can admire your determination to try and fight this shit disease! Be strong and try and make every day count. I know that's easy for me to say but I admire your bravery to fight the fight. I know we lost contact through the years but I guess life takes you along different paths. But i loved those summer holidays growing up and us two playing marbles or boating on the lake on doors lol! As I said in my speech at grandads funeral life always seems to take the cruel route especially for the good souls on this earth. If there's anything you ever need
Just ask mate, do you have a Facebook page? Would be good to try and see you ill bring you a pint from the pub. Take care x